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November 13 2014, 10:08AM

hanno hinkelbein’s 14 all times dance floor tracks

hanno hinkelbein’s picks 14 all times dance floor tracks, as a part of his upcoming appearance at the pacotek’s 11th birthday on friday 14.11.

here’s the full list - 

1.dance mania 85 – deeon house works – perc.

this was the first techno record i bought and i still have it in my bag on almost every gig. it’s my secret weapon because people always go nuts to that ‘we are in hell’ sample.

 2.subhead 18 – subhead – heds

also one of the records i always have with me ever since i got it. subhead is propably my favourite techno act. they just had this perfect mix of rock’n roll and rave. also jason is a fine bloke.


3.Twisted Records – Ffunky Green Dogs – Fired Up

i’m not a whole lot into vocal house but this is one of my dearest records because it’s from the time when i started going to house parties. also it goes really well with elephant song by aphex twin.

4.solid 002 – cristian vogel – defunct

my favourite track by cristian because it is to me one of the purest techno tracks ever. it’s brutal but still playful. exactly how it should be.

5.Sativa 013 – jamie lidell – sonelysome(o)ney

Long before Jamie turned into a souldwunderkind he produced some killer techno tracks. Funny enough it fits totally into the new 90s kindof grungy techno that’s been popular lately. but this was long bef
ore kamikaze space programme or blawan.

6.Downwards – Lino 029 – British Murder Boys – Death before Surrender

totally shook me when it came out – it filled a space i was yearning for. it holds this glooming darknes and  totally merciless push forward. and it sounds soooo big!

7.fix 03 – unknown – rucklette

This is such a fun track. it’s a bit proll but in a really sweet way. it still puts a big grin on my face every time that squeaky alarm synthline starts because you can see in people’s faces that they weren’t expecting it and it always makes people scream out of pure joy. it’s beautiful.

8.Who’s that beat 50 – T99 – anasthasia

to me that’s the blueprint of rave and belgian techno. I totally love it and I still throw my arms up in the air every time i hear it.

9.electronic weed crew 01 – smooky – super ugly

Oh the swiss crew. so much to say about them… I had the best parties with those guys and they created a really special recognisable sound for themselves. This track however is special because it makes a great transition from quieter parts of my set to noisier parts. 

10.mercurochrome 01 – Michele Fasano schwerfallig

another swiss one – i love electro, but this one is just so ridiculous because it’s more rock n roll than anything else really. it makes me giggle how surprised people look when it starts going off.

11.superstition – super special 2817 – marmion – schöneberg (marmion remix)

Of all tracks this cheesy peach of the 90s is the one that got me into techno. i remember exactly how it felt when my first E hit and wimpy dropped the marmion remix at Subversiv. It was a mindopening experience – it sounds tacky but I think it was the first time i consciously realised that life is beautiful.

12.semi automatic 03 – michael forshaw – cheerleaders

i love michael – he is such a sweet teddybear but rocks the hardest of them all while still keeping it cheeky. cheerleaders is the best mix of his two souls. the campy chants combined with this relentless electro beat are just the perfect combination to put a smile on even the darkest soul.

13.disko-B 051 – I-F – I do because i couldn’t care less

An absolute milestone in electro for me. I love how it combines this distorted industrial beat with these drunken, sharp bells that sounded like a bumble bee on LSD.

14.Novamute 071 – Speedy J – Krekc

Something about this track always mesmerizes me. it just never stops evolving and even if the tension goes down in the long breaks it seems to just keep building up until this moment of release when everyone goes nuts. Even just writing about it gives me goosebumps