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Monthly Archives: August 2016

August 29 2016, 7:09AM

skudge (skudge records) // friday 2.9

On Friday 2nd we have the Swedish duo Skudge (Skudge Records) heading over to play a Live set at the Breakfast Club, supported by local Anna Haleta. Yovav Arzi and Ari Pines will support at the Milk Bar. Listen to Skudge’s live set recorded at the Culture Box in Copenhagen - 

August 28 2016, 7:03AM

thursday // 1.9

Thursday with Ofri Goffer, Stephan Bazbaz and Amir Egozy at the Breakfast Club. Yoav Sa’ar and Darel Granoth at the Milk bar. 


August 27 2016, 7:01AM

wednesday // 31.8

Wednesday 31th with Magit Cacoon (Upon.You) and Moshe Abutbul at the Breakfast Club. Shahaf Yinnone and Josef Laimon at the Milk Bar. 


August 26 2016, 6:58AM

tuesday // 30.8

On Tuesday 30th Stephan Bazbaz will host Galo at the Breakfast Club. Adi Noy and Yuval Medina at the Milk Bar.300816_POSTER


August 22 2016, 8:50AM

call super // friday 26.8

British dj/producer Call Super (Houndstooth) is heading over to play at the Breakfast Club on Friday 26th, supported by residents Ofri Goffer and Amir Egozy + Dase Boogie and Darel Granoth at the Milk Bar. Listen to Call Super’s guest mix for Benji B recorded some month ago for BBC Radio 1 - 

August 22 2016, 8:45AM

thursday // 25.8

Thursday 25th is about our residents Narkis Tepler and Uriah Klapter. Udi Niv (Anova) and Tomer Kariv (Hakatze radio) will take over the Milk bar. 


August 21 2016, 8:40AM

wednesday // 24.8

On Wednesday 24th we have Sahar Zangilevitch, Yogo and Naor Nurieli at the Breakfast Club, and Eyal Rob at the Milk Bar.