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Monthly Archives: April 2016

April 25 2016, 7:37AM

avadon x ilian tape showcase // friday 29.4

Munich based duo Zenker Brothers (Ilian Tape) and dj Stenny are heading over to play at the Breakfast Club for the monthly ‘Avadon’ party. Residents Yotam Avni and Zach Bar will be localy supporting. Listen to Zenker Brothers’s lately recorded mix for Fabric x Resident Advisor - 

April 24 2016, 7:08AM

thursday // 28.4

For Thusrday 28th we Stephan Bazbaz playing at the Breakfast Club, next to residents Amir Egozy and Narkis Tepler. Toker and Sharoni will support at the Milk Bar. For farther info please visit Facebook Event


April 23 2016, 7:03AM

blond:ish // wednesday 27.4

Canadian duo Anstascia and Vivie-ann aka ‘Blond:it’ are heading over to play at the Breakfast Club on Wednesday 27th, along with Magit Cacoon, Yaniv Ohana, Mosess, Shahaf Yinnone and Adrien Albou. Listen to Blondi:sh’s freshly recorded essential mix - 

April 22 2016, 6:48AM

tuesday // 26.4

On Tuesday 26th we have Uriah Klapter playing all night long at the Breakfast Club. Walter and Adi Noy will take over the Milk bar. Please visit Facebook event and find out more. 260416

April 18 2016, 5:58AM

thursday // 21.4

Thursday 21th is a Residents night featuring Amir Egozy, Uriah Klapter and Narkis Tepler at the Breakfast Club. Alek Lee and Hectik are supporting at the Milk Bar. Listen to Alek Lee’s Eclectic Dance Floor mix recorded some months ago - 

April 17 2016, 5:54AM

wednesday // 20.4

Yogo, Tal Cohen are playing at the Breakfast Club on Wednesday 20th.  Avigad at the Milk Bar. For more info please visit Facebook Event.


April 17 2016, 5:47AM

tuesday // 19.4

Partok and Stephan Bazbaz are taking over the Breakfast Club on Tuesday 19th. Mesh and Adi Noy are supporting at the Milk Bar. Here are some live turn-table qualities by Mesh for L.B.T -