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Monthly Archives: March 2016

March 27 2016, 4:14AM

cosmin trg // friday 1.4

Cosmin TRG will be playing at the Breakfast Club On Friday 1st , backed by locals Ofri Goffer, Yogg and Biri. Listen to Cosmin’s recorded show at NTS radio two month ago -

March 27 2016, 4:13AM

thursday // 31.3

Thursday 31st is a residents night at the Breakfast Club, featuring Niv Hadas & Amir Egozy, Uriah Klapter, Narkis Tepler, Danny Vak and Barak Schneider. Listen to Narkis Tepler’s nostalgic vibey set -

March 27 2016, 4:09AM

magit cacoon // wednesday 30.3

Magit Caccon has just landed back from Miami, heading straight to the Breakfast Club on Wednesday 30th, next to Yogo, Dan Orbach, Or Erlich and Omri Paz. Listen to Magit’s set recorded for ‘Systematic Recordings’ - 

March 27 2016, 4:00AM

mor elian // tuesday 29.3

Mor Elian will play at the Breakfast Club on Tuesday 29th, together with Omer & Shaked, Stephan Bazbaz, Tova Swed and Kabookiz. Listen to Mor Elian’s mix recorded some month ago for ‘Hypercolour’ -


March 17 2016, 6:10PM

residential purim // thursday 24.3

Thursday 24th is a Purim Special, featuring the full Thursdays residents roster – Amir Egozy, Narkis Tepler, Uriah Klapter, Toker and Sharoni. Heres a nostalgic TBT podcast recorded by Uriah Klapter - 

March 17 2016, 6:04PM

wednesday // 23.3

For Wednesday 23rd we have Elie Eidelman & Sasse (Jackoff Records, Berlin / Moodmusic, Berlin) heading over to play at the Breakfast Club, supported by locals Hectik Vs Zidan, Yaniv Ohana and Azizi. Listen to Sasse’s recently recorded set for ‘Moodmusic’ radio -

March 14 2016, 9:59AM

spencer parker // tuesday 22.3

British dj and producer Spencer Parker (Work Them Records) is heading over to play at the Breakfast Club on Tuesday 22nd, along with residents Stephan Bazbaz, Amir Egozy and Ofri Goffer. Listen to Spencer Parker’s podcast recorded for ‘Resident Advisor’ -