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Monthly Archives: February 2016

February 24 2016, 7:12AM

etapp kyle – avadon // friday 26.2

Ukrainian dj and producer Etapp Kyle (Clockworks) is heading over to play at the Breakfast Club for Avadon’s Third Year opening party, supported by residents Yotam Avni and Turtle. Listen to Etapp’s freshly recorded ‘Boilerrrom’ set -

February 24 2016, 7:06AM

red axes // thursday 25.2

On Thursday 25th we have Red Axes and Uriah Klapter playing at the Breakfast Club, with Amir Egozy and Niv Hadas supporting at the Milk Bar. Listen to Red Axes’s recently recorded mix for ‘Multi Culti’ - 

February 24 2016, 7:03AM

anna haleta // wednesday 24.2

On Wednesday 24th we have Anna Haleta & Narkis Tepler + Sean Doron & Yaniv Ohana at the Breakfast Club, with Yoav Saar at the Milk Bar. Listen to Anna’s recorded mix for RTS.FM -