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Monthly Archives: November 2015

November 23 2015, 8:16AM

dexter // friday 27.11

For Friday 27th we have a Netherlands dj / producer DEXTER coming over to play at the Breakfast Club, supported by Ofri Goffer, Yogo and Amichay Matyas. Listen to Dexters Solid Steel radio show, recorded some month ago for Ninja Tune- 

November 23 2015, 8:08AM

residents night // thursday 26.11

Uriah Klapter, Narkis Tepler and Amir Egozy are inchorage of our night on Thursday 26th. Milk Bar is safe with Eyal Rob and barak Schneider. Here is also the Event


November 23 2015, 8:03AM

wednesday // 25.11

Hectik and Shlomi Zidan are coming over to play at the breakfast Club for Wednesday 25th, together with Isaac Dadia and Dan Orbach. Please visit Facebook Event to find out more. 


November 23 2015, 7:59AM

red axes, raw tapes // tuesday 24.11

For Tuesday 24th we have Red Axes and Asael Weiss taking over the Breakfast Club, while Raw Tapes are having their own private party at the Milk Bar with Nomok, Rejoicer and Galo. Listen to the new mixtape coming from Nomok & Roa for their latest EP release –

November 10 2015, 5:04AM

thursday // 12.11

On Thursday 12th we have Benji, Uriah Klapter, Amir Egozy and Narkis Tepler taking over the Breakfast Club, while tower and Sharoni are supporting at the Milk Bar. Please visit Facebook event for more info. 


November 8 2015, 4:58AM

wednesdsy // 11.11

On Wednesday 11th we will be hosting Nicro (Hidden Mirror, Milan) and L.T Dan (DonnersDuck, Berlin) at the Breakfast club, along with locals Omri Guetta, Hen Yanni and Naor Nurieli. Visit Facebook event to find out more.