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Monthly Archives: September 2015

September 28 2015, 6:14AM

monday // 28.9

On Monday 28th we have a bonus Sukkoth party featuring Red Axes, Shlomi Zidan and Yogo at the Breakfast Club, while Oron K and Dan Orbach are taking over Milk Bar. Visit Facebook event to find out more. 


September 26 2015, 10:27AM

discodromo // 25.9

We are super exited to finally have Italian duo ‘Discodromo’ coming back on Friday 25th to play at the Breakfast Club for yet another round. Listen to Discodromo’s live set recorded at the Horizon & Kaap Adam beach party - 

September 20 2015, 6:44AM

thursday // 24.9

On Thursday 24th we have Autarkic’s live act at the breakfast Club, supported by residents Amir Egozy, Uriah Klapter and Narkis Tepler. Danny Vak and Barak Schnieder will take over the Milk Bar. Listen to Autarkic’s live set lately recorded at the ‘Ritter Butzke’ for ‘Donners Ducks’ night - 

September 20 2015, 6:38AM

marco resmann & magit cacoon (upon.you) // wednesday 23.9

On Wednesday 23rd we have Berlin based Marco Resmann & Magit Cacoon coming over to play at the breakfast Club for Upon.You label night party, supported by locals Naor Nurieli and Katzele. Listen to Magit’s podcast recorded for Upon.You some month ago - 

September 17 2015, 6:26AM

shifted (uk) // avadon – friday 18.9

On Friday 18th we have UK based Dj and Producer Shifted coming to play at the monthly Avadon party, supported by residents Yotam Avni and Turtle. Listen to Shifted’s nostalgic podcast recorded for ‘SeekSickSound’-

September 17 2015, 6:18AM

thursday // 17.9

For Thursday 17th we have Niv Hadas & Amir Egozy, Uriah Klapter and Narkis Tepler playing at the breakfast Club, while Shahaf Yinnone is taking over the Milk bar. Find out more about it here


September 15 2015, 7:04AM

trus’me (prime numbers) // wednesday 16.9

For Wednesday 16th we have UK based dj and producer Trus’me ( label owner of Prime Number ) coming over to play at the Breakfast Club, backed up by locals Ofri Goffer and Avi Shnibaum. Listen to Trus’me’s Dimensions Festival recorded live set - 

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