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Yearly Archives: 2015

December 31 2015, 10:55AM

house of ties // 1.1

Berlin based dj and producer Mr.Ties is heading over to Tel Aviv, where hell be staying for an entire month as a part of the collaboration ‘House of Ties’ with the Breakfast Club, where he becomes the exclusive curator of Friday nights, bringing his both musical and atmospheric ideas. First party will take place of Friday 1st, with Oren Marzam, Amir Egozy and Niv Hadas. Listen to his recently recorded set for boiler Room’s ‘Resident’s Hour’ series - 

December 30 2015, 8:12AM

thursday // 31.12

For Thursday 31st we we have residents Uriah Klapter, Narkis Tepler and Darel Granoth playing at the breakfast Club, with Etai Darwai and Kevin Azoulai backing up at the Milk Bar. Happy New 2016. 


December 30 2015, 8:04AM

wednesday // 30.12

On Wednesday 30th we have Sean Doron and Jenia Tarsol coming over to play at the Breakfast Club, while Eitan Shacham and Naor Nurieli are backing up at the MIlk Bar. 301215_POSTER-01-2

December 26 2015, 8:00AM

tuesday // 29.12

On Tuesday 29th Yotam Avni is celebrating his birthday at the Breakfast Club, supported by friends Hordel, Stephan Bazbaz, Adi Noy and star Meiner. Here are some good memories from that past year (caption from left to right – Dj Deep / Yotam Avni) - 


December 25 2015, 11:25AM

roi perez & oren marzam // friday 25.12

On Friday 25th we have our homeboys Roi Perez and Oren Marzam traveling from Berlin to play at the breakfast Club, supported by Ofri Goffer, Yovav Arzi and Naduve. Listen to Roi Perez’s two day old set recorded for Palms Trax - 

December 24 2015, 11:21AM

thursday // 24.12

On Thursday 24th we have residents Uriah Klapter and Narkis Tepler playing at the Breakfast Club, and Amr Egozy with Danny Vak at the Milk Bar. Are we happy ? The hell we are !241215_POSTER20-01-01-01

December 20 2015, 11:17AM

wednesday // 23.12

On Wednesday 23rd we have Stephan Bazbaz and Naor Nurieli vs. Yaniv Ohana at the breakfast Club, with Kevin Azoulay at the Milk Bar. 231215_POSTER-01-03-01-01-01